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Sep 14, 2011

how i finish and wear my friendship bracelets

I've gotten some questions as to how I finish off my friendship bracelets and how I wear them.  It's really easy and here's a quick tutorial:

I never cut the loop at the top.  I use this to tie it around my wrist.


When my bracelets are as long as I want them to be, I braid the strings in to two braids and tie a knot like below:


When you put it on your wrist, put one of the braids through the loop.


And tie the two braids in a knot.


And that's it!  (yes I have hair on my arms. ^.^)


I also like to use them as bookmarks.  =)


I'm kinda addicted to making these.  =P



Jessica said...

Ha! I googled "how to finish a friendship bracelet" and your craft blog was the second result. How cool is that?

Thanks for this neat tutorial. I'm planning on making some this weekend. ;)


Rosaria Constantine said...

Cute :) (btw everyone has hair on their arms ;))

Tom Anc said...

Thanks!:) I already had a few styles I use, but I'm always looking for new patterns and methods for finishing, and I'm gonna add yours to my "repertoire" <-couldnt think of a good word to use, so I chose that. And your arm hair is cuteXP
Thanks Abby!
-sir Thomas

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